Mariëlle Feenstra

dr. Mariëlle Feenstra is a senior researcher on gender just energy policy and an experienced policy advisor. Trained in public policy and public administration, she worked 15 years as a policy advisor for municipalities in the Netherlands specialized in European Affairs.

Her PhD thesis “Gender Just Energy Policy: engendering the energy transition in Europe” highlights her academic work on gender-aware energy policy, focusing on policy design and formulation in the policy process cycle. She uses a gender lens to analyse energy poverty mitigation policies and energy transition policy, taking a North-South perspective.

She wrote the first-ever thesis on gender-aware energy policy with case studies from Uganda and South Africa as a University Twente master student in 2002. For ENERGIA, she compiled the first-ever annotated bibliography on gender and energy in 2001. Together with her supervisor Prof. Joy Clancy, she has written two studies for the FEMM Committee of the European Parliament in 2017 and 2019. Both studies are the first publications in the EU on gender and energy policy.

Publications and contributions:

  • Standal, K. and M. Feenstra (2021) Engaging the public for citizens energy production in Norway: Energy narratives, opportunities and barriers for an inclusive energy transition, in: Energy transition in the Baltic Sea Region, eds. F. Karimi and M. Rodi, Routledge
  • Standal, K. and M. Feenstra (2021) Gender and solar energy in India’s low-carbon energy transition, in: Research Handbook on Energy and Society, eds. J. Webb, F. Wade and M. Tingey, Elgar Handbooks in Energy, the Environment and Climate Change
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